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A shoebox for many growing up was not just a box that your shoes came in. It was a place that you would store things - things like spare change, game ticket stubs, important documents, love letters, and maybe even some of your most important secrets. That shoebox would then get tucked away under your bed or into your closet - sometimes even forgotten about until one day your cleaning out your closet and bam, there it is. A half orange half Kraft Nike shoebox with an inch of dust on it. Today I dust off my shoebox and share a bit about me the guy behind the brand Shoobox.

First let me introduce myself I am Jeoff Aguiar. I wear glasses - been wearing those since I was 10 - and the ink…well that started when I was 19 (they're not kidding when they say it's addicting). I’m a sneakerhead to my core – you could say it’s my biggest vice in life. Other than the beard, glasses, a few tattoos, and being a sneakerhead I pride myself in being a creative thinker with a skillset and trained eye for design.

More about me – as a designer. I absolutely love designing – anything, really (logos, apparel, packaging). Design you could say is my natural born talent my real passion - I've never looked at it as work. I stay up late perfecting my craft which forces me to drink excessive amounts of coffee (or maybe I just use that as an excuse, because I love coffee.) I love exploring and making mistakes in search of developing an out of the box design. I have a strong branding, print design and packaging background – working on brands such as (Nike, Red Bull, Empire, and Cannoe – I love creating cool shit and products that are unique – stuff I’ve never seen and would personally want to purchase.

Now this wouldn’t be a true glance into my dusty shoebox without talking about my vice – sneakers. A common question I always get asked is what sneaker got me in the game? And I’ve got to be honest and would say it was the Nike Air Zoom Flight The Glove. I remember it like it was yesterday my first day of grade 8 walking into my final year of grade school with the freshest pair of kicks – it made me feel alive and from that day on I loved the feeling of walking anywhere with fresh kicks.

Click here for a more in depth look at the Nike Air Zoom Flight - The Glove

And finally - why I started Shoobox. I wanted to combine the two things I was most passionate about - design and sneakers. Shoobox started in the midst of a global pandemic. With extra time on my hands and to keep my creative juices flowing I started an Instagram page where I digitally illustrated classic, trending and kicks that I personally loved. Posting one shoe after another, creating a community of sneakerheads like myself. A natural evolution from there was taking my drawings and creating a product you could rock not only on your feet but on your favourite bomber jacket, cap or backpack – a sneaker pin. Another thing about me is I love pins! Who doesn’t? They are so versatile! And that was my first Shoobox launch - the Jordan 1 Chicago Sneaker Pin. The rest, well you’re just going to have to stick around until I find it. I know it’s in here somewhere.

Be right back like I never left.



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